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Today is our Memorial Day, so I felt that it was fitting that I used my free morning to venture out into the terrain and mark the courses for an event (on May 22nd) in memory of Tamir Nabuani, a Druze soldier who fell during his army duty.
We have quite a few orienteering events each year in memory of fallen soldiers. Some are by request of their families, because of an orienteering background, and some (as in this case) by request of their friends in the army. At most of these events the most important thing is not the orienteering competition, but that they bring together soldiers, civilians, and schoolchildren into the forests, and to a ceremony honouring one of the soldiers who enable our small nation to continue it's existence.
Tamir Nabuani is the second Druze soldier to be remembered through an orienteering event. The first was Hussein Amar, from the same town of Julis, and we are holding the event on the same map of Tal-El, right next to the town. I originally made this map in 2004 for the event in memory of Hussein, whom I had known during my army duty, and his home is on the map.
I hope that one day we'll see more Druze youths participating in orienteering, but we haven't had the resources to try and open orienteering classes or teams in their towns and villages, which are all here in the north of Israel.

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