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Today I ran at the Buffalo Orienteering Festival in NY, USA, after a week working in Ohio.
This is defined as an A-meet here, but is significantly smaller than a national event back at home. The organisation, however, is at a very high level. The middle distance in the morning (map below) was not too difficult, but I was not used to this type of terrain, and lost some time (in tiny increments) hesitating while trying to read all the paths. I finished 4th (M40), one second behind 3rd, in 34:53 for the 4km course.
The afternoon sprint was not much of an orienteering challenge – easy parkland, running mostly in straight lines on grass, which favoured the fast runners. I really enjoyed it, but a perfect run was only good enough for 5th place.
Tomorrow is the long distance, where I'll be trying to get into the top three. It's supposed to be in similar terrain to the middle, though with less climb. After that, I'm off to the airport for the flight home.

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