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Sunday's long distance race at Sprague Brook Park was fun, but my result was a disappointment – I felt really good physically, but I made one mistake too many and finished in 5th place, with 72:58 for the 8.6km course.
The first parallel error I made was a small one (see below). Coming in from the open area into the forest on the way to control 4, I think that I identified the small depression as the large one to the east, passed it on the eastern side, and headed south for the stream, aiming between the two rocks so I could turn right and see the control. A slight deviation to the west was then enough to take me west of the control and I lost a minute by turning right as planned. The fact that the rootstock was hidden under the control circle (unlike at control 1) didn't help, but that's not an excuse.

The second, serious error was at control 11. I lost concentration after entering the open area, and deviated slightly to my right again, so that when I saw the long clearing I thought that I was at the clearing near the control. I lost 5 minutes here, running around like a headless chicken instead of heading straight back north after a minute to reposition myself.

Well, at least I didn't feel obliged to stay for the prize-giving ceremony, so I had time to see the Niagara Falls before my flight back home…

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