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Summer is upon us here in Israel, and that means about 30°C during the day, every day, with no chance of rain. For the national team training camp this weekend we actually travelled south, to the edge of the desert (not much hotter, but less humidity), and used my standard summer format – start training on Friday at 17:00, eat, sleep, start again on Saturday at 06:30, finish by 09:00, and that's it. This time there was also a local event after training and breakfast on Saturday, and by then it was really hot.
We trained and raced on Ruchama, probably the best training area in Israel – large areas of intricate contours, most of them in forest, which are better preparation for orienteering abroad than most of our terrain. The morning session included some contour-only orienteering – see below:

The season here is over, but I'm giving the team no respite from training. Although most of the girls won't be travelling abroad for any events this summer, for various personal reasons, I believe this is the time to build up their fitness for next season, which starts in October. Therefore we'll be meeting as often as possible and working hard throughout the summer – with a break for recovery at some point, of course.

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