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Unlike in most orienteering countries, the season here in Israel has ended, and it's too hot for competitive orienteering here until September. For the first time since 1993, I don't have any orienteering trip planned for the summer (for personal reasons and a lack of vacation days), so I can now summarise the season and start planning for 2009-10.

So what did I do?

  • I competed in 31 orienteering races (about average for the past few years)
  • I ran 1320 km overall in the last 12 months, including all types of training, in 201 hours
  • I did 50 hours of mapping
  • I organised 6 events – the Israeli Championships and 4 local events
  • I finished 2nd in H40 – I was hoping for 1st, but considering the fact that I missed (or lost a shoe in) 5 races out of 12, I didn't even have a chance to fight for it
  • I won my first trophy abroad
  • I won our course planning championship
  • I survived a 12-hour rogaine
  • I coached the national women's team
  • I organised and taught an orienteering instructors course
  • I managed to hold on to my (hi-tech) job in a recession
  • …and maybe there was some other stuff

I think my best race was the second day of the Winter Championship (Tel Azeka), and my worst was the "Short Distance Championships" (no blog account of that…), but there were no real catastrophes.

Last Saturday was the last event of the season, and I walked the family course with my dad and my daughter:

What's next? I'm a bit overweight (relatively), and Roni (like all women) thinks she is as well, so we decided (and already started) to do a lot of long slow runs together this summer, in order to lose weight. Hopefully, next season I'll start off with 3-4 kg less, and I'll be able to compete with Omer on speed.

Then, of course, we have a World Championship here, even if it's "only" in Bike orienteering. I'll be there helping, and I'll give my organiser's view on the blog.

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