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I've been looking at the maps and results from this week's MTB-O EOC in Denmark, and asking myself a few questions:
1. What's the difference between EOC and WOC in MTB-O ? Japan and Australia. Now the European federations want EOC to become an annual event, like WOC, and I understand why – there are very few large-scale international MTB-O events such as in foot-O, so official events like a World Cup, WRE's, and EOC are the only real opportunities for international competition. Therefore, any additional event is a bonus for all involved. But I wouldn't expect many visitors from outside Europe.
2. Why isn't there an Israeli team at EOC, especially in a year when we're hosting WOC ? I haven't got a clue, and I don't know if the issue was even discussed. Obviously the team can prepare on home ground anyway, but that isn't a substitute for high-level competition. In my opinion, the investment (of money and effort) in WOC should have included an parallel push forward for our national team, and some work is being done, but that has happened only partially and very, very late.
3. Can we set courses at the level of EOC ? Yes, definitely. Looking at the maps and courses, I think that the EOC planners did a very good job of preparing challenging courses, in some cases in terrain which is far from ideal for MTB-O (the Middle distance is a good example). The areas planned for WOC here in Israel are more suitable for MTB-O, and hopefully the courses will take advantage of that and be as good.

I'll be writing more about this WOC, the terrain, our team, and other stuff, in the run-up to the championship. 45 days to go…

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