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Today was a more satisfying performance by Aram, who finished 110th (unofficially) in the JWOC long distance race, out of 172 starters. I haven't got any first-hand news yet, but from the split times at the radio controls it seems that he made a serious mistake between radio 2 and 3, losing 7-8 minutes, otherwise he could have finished easily within the top 100. It looked like a very tough course in fantastic terrain.
The result led me to analyse our performances over the years, measuring the percentage behind the winners in JWOC long distance races since 1994. The chart below shows that there has been little improvement since the 1990's. Note that the red ellipse encloses the results of our "imported" orienteers – Pavel Gvozdev (from Russia) and Alexey Marchenko (Ukraine), while all the others are Israeli-born.

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  1. Split times are available now: http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c127221/jwoc_results_long_split_men.pdfAram was running faster than I thought, but making more mistakes – he lost 4 minutes at the first control, 7-8 minutes at 22, and another 5 overall at 5, 13 and 26

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