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Me and my big mouth…(or keyboard) – Aram was disqualified in yesterday's sprint at JWOC, for mispunching control no. 22. According to the report I've read, he punched a control on the womens' course, which was nearby (but well within the rules), and several other runners were disqualified for the same mistake. The unfair part of it was that the later starters were warned off the incorrect control by their teammates who had already finished, otherwise there would have been more disqualifications.
That's not an excuse, of course. In a sprint race, you need to keep your concentration on the last legs as well. Split times are not available yet, but according to the live results Aram was placed 100 (out of 170) at the first radio control, and 122 at the second, so it would have been a respectable result. Let's hope for a better performance in today's long distance.

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