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After the JWOC middle distance races, we can summarise by saying that Aram had one good race out of four.
The good race was the middle qualification, in which he finished 33rd out of 58 in heat 1 and qualified for the B final (no Israeli has ever reached the A final). He had a good, solid race, without any significant mistakes, at a high speed for such terrain.
The B final was a different story. The map and course look really tricky to me, and the split times show that Aram made two large mistakes, including a 5 minute loss at control 13, bringing him down to 54th place out of 57.
I'm not counting the relay, in which Aram will be participating in a mixed team, so we can start thinking: how do we bring our junior orienteers to the major events, and at least get them to fulfill their potential in over 50% of the races, without making serious mistakes? To answer the question, we need to know what is missing, and what we can change (some improvements are beyond our means). Someone has to start looking at this issue more scientifically, and making a long-term plan for our elite juniors, or we'll be stuck with such results forever.

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