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I've been out mapping again (with no orienteering events to take up my time), working on a small area for a local event near Achihud, quite close to home. It's a mix of rough open, olive groves, and patches of pine forest, which should be nice for small events and training.
At the end of my last session there I ran into some very, very rocky ground at the edge of the map, mixed in with the pine trees. Normally I would classify it as "unmappable", but I don't want a hole in the edge of the map, and there's not much of it, so I'll try to make an effort. However, I'll probably have to resort to Google for the aerial photo (again), because the tree shadows on my base photo are too long. In the Google picture, the shorter shadows actually enhance the trees, and make it much easier to differentiate between them and the bushes:

Original base photo

Google photo

This will almost certainly be the toughest part of this map – the rest should be plain, easy mapping, though I've already been pleasantly surprised by the number of interesting features in the terrain.

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