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Why have only two Israeli-born young women ever represented our country in JWOC or WOC? And why won't there be any others in the near future (unless someone proves me wrong)?
Our girls and women have an attitude problem, which is not their fault, but that of the system – an education system which does almost nothing to encourage sports and athletes, especially for girls. As a result, nearly all our women orienteers have no background in any sports, and find it difficult to get used to training: real training, week after week, for months and eventually years. That's the attitude that I'm trying to change.
On Friday we had some team training, to break the summer monotony and get the team together again. The adults were OK, and are training through the summer as well (it's not easy in the heat here), but the juniors are totally out of it – and I'm not sure the boys' teams are in better shape. I intend to put my foot down: if you can't get yourself to train regularly throughout the year, you don't belong on the national team, even if you're the best orienteer in Israel.
And the two girls who have represented us? I don't think it's a coincidence that both came from a background in other sports (Idit Gershoni – swimming, Roni Harish – volleyball), and were used to regular training. That's how they got so far (comparatively) in orienteering.
The men, by the way, have an advantage: most of them get into regular fitness training either in the army (that's how I started, more than 20 years ago) or in preparation for the army. Women are a greater challenge, and I'm not giving up yet…

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