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Today (with Roni's help) I organised a training session for our national MTBO Team. The team doesn't have a coach (I don't think there's anyone in Israel qualified for the job), so every weekend during the buildup to WOC someone else has been assisting with the training, usually by setting various courses.
I prepared a middle distance course (about 14km) on the map of Tal-El, which has some similarities to the WOC terrain, but suffers from a lack of single tracks:

Pictures from the training are here.
Three of the riders used my GPS devices, and were very enthusiastic about the way we used the data for analysis, which was new to them. They'll be using these during the championship as well.
After the training we spent some time discussing possible legs and route choices on old maps of the WOC terrain. This was as enlightening as some of the things I saw in the terrain, and I learnt as much about coaching MTBO (my first time…) as the team learnt from the training itself:

  • They ride better and faster than I thought…
  • but spend more time stopped at the controls, looking at the map.
  • Riders suffer from "Climbophobia", because the speed difference between uphills and flat is much more pronounced than in foot-O.
  • Most riders hardly look at the map while moving…
  • and because of this, much of their orienteering is basically "memory-O".
  • MTBO route choice for the longer legs is more an art than a science.

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