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Less than a week before MTB WOC begins, it's time to give some background on our MTBO team, who will have home ground advantage. The preparations for WOC started rather late, but they have been training regularly on orienteering terrain, as a team, for several months, and are as ready as they can be. Let's wish them all the best of luck!

Gal Cohn (30), who's job is marketing biking clothes, is probably the best-known and most successful of our riders. He comes from a biking backround (both road and MTB), and has been ranked amongst the top riders in Israel since 2005, winning a variety of elite races. In that year he burst onto the MTBO scene as well, using his riding skills to reach the top of the rankings quickly, and he has represented Israel in international championships every year since, with average results – usually due to orienteering mistakes.
On home ground, Gal is definitely aiming for a podium finish!

Eran Lerner (29), an environmental engineer, has been riding mountain bikes since 2001, but not competitively. He started bike orienteering in 2002, but only found his place in the elite during the last season, and finished second (behind Gal) in the rankings. He is a strong rider, but has no international experience, and is aiming for a top 30 finish in at least one of the races.

Erez Ezrachi (42), who also works in bike promotion, is one of the most experienced bike orienteers in Israel. He has been riding mountain bikes since 1988, and started MTBO right at the beginning here, participating in international competitions from 2000 to 2006, including the first MTB WOC in 2002. He says that his aim is to survive the heat and place as high as possible…

Zohar Drori (45), a real estate appraiser in civilian life, has been riding as a hobby since the age of 36, but only found out about MTBO in 2007. He is a strong rider, but lacks experience and says his orienteering has been improving steadily over the past few months, though he would like to have more training with maps.
Zohar would like to be able to ride smoothly in the championships, with a minimum of orienteering mistakes. He is happy to be on the team, and would be thrilled to qualify for the long distance final.

Yarden Golan (22), a sales manager at a bike company, came to orienteering a couple of years ago from a biking background. She has been a competitive elite biker in both road and MTB since the age of 12 (!), placed second in the last two Israeli road biking championships, and has even competed internationally several times. In MTBO she is relatively new, but has been working gradually towards these championships and hopes to finish in the top 50%.

Michal Berris (33), a MD/Phd student, started riding competitively in 2003 and orienteering in 2007. She wants to represent Israel with pride, learn from the other competitors, and just hopes not to finish last in the competitions (it's not so bad to finish last – I've been there myself).

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