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At last, a World Championship in Israel. I arrived straight at the start, late due to traffic problems, and headed into the forest for some photography, in the vicinity of two controls in an area of single-tracks, some paved and some not.
Apart from taking over 100 photos, I could see the world's top MTBO'ers in action. They ride fast, they are very concentrated, they make orienteering mistakes, and they take the race very seriously. It was great fun watching them and taking photos, and I discovered that they can be just as unpredictable as foot orienteers.
Afterwards I went to the finish, where the great attraction was the swimming pool – certainly necessary in this hot weather. I didn't have time to get first-hand impressions from the riders, but I think most were satisfied with the course and the organisation.
My pictures are here.
Our team didn't do as well as expected. Both the women needed only to finish in order to participate in the final, and Yarden got a good result, but of the four men only Gal made the final (from 6th place), with the others failing mainly due to orienteering mistakes. Zohar was closest, only 4 seconds from the final, and his route is below:

Link to the results

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