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Yesterday was the relay, in the slightly cooler hours of late afternoon, and it supplied a great deal of suspense but rather mediocre photography (I'm going to blame the bad light). Russia won the men's race, with the other pre-race favourites Denmark in a disappointing 6th place, and Austria the women, overtaking Russia on the final loop (results here).
The women were much slower than the men, with a winning time of 2:25 overall as opposed to 2:04, when their race was supposed to be slightly shorter. I'm worried about the Long Final – if the men finish in 100-110 minutes as expected, I suspect that few (if any) of the women will ride under 2 hours. We'll wait and see.
Below is Gal Cohn's route upon the Men's relay master map. Gal had a bad race, and could have improved by 10 minutes, which would have been worth 4 places in the end. He's already made up for it with a good result in the Middle, and will probably come back with a vengeance today and tomorrow.

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