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Even as we switch from following the MTB WOC here in Israel, to WOC 2009 in Hungary, I have a few words to say to the participants who came here for the last week:

I took upon myself to take pictures of the MTB WOC action, having experienced and followed many World Championships, and seen the lack of pictures (with a few exceptions) of my compatriots. Orienteers competing for their country need to be photographed, for themselves and for their followers back home, and the action photographs that we like are best taken by a fellow orienteer, who can go into the forest and understand what is happening there. From that point of view, I tried to make this championship the best ever, and I hope that I succeeded – and more than that, I hope that others will take this as an example and try to do the same in the future.
My goal was 1000 pictures. I reached "only" 838, and all of them are here. It was a terrific experience for me, seeing all of you in the forest during the competition, and I hope you enjoyed your own experiences here in Israel and took back some good memories. If any of you want a specific photograph in high resolution for printing, just ask – my e-mail address is dchissick at yahoo dot com.

I hope we'll meet again!

Dan Chissick

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