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I've been very busy over the past few weeks moving house, and now, just past our new year, we have a new home. I moved from Ma'alot to Carmiel, which is exactly 13 km south in a straight line, but I've been carrying boxes around (and not running) for 10 days. Roni moved in as well, so now we are together and life can settle down a bit.
From an orienteering point of view it looks like this (the circles represent maps – I made the blue ones):

The season has also started here, and we managed to find time to orienteer a bit. A couple of weeks ago Roni made an attempt at MTBO (after getting turned on by the MTB WOC), and says she enjoyed it, so we're thinking of buying a bike. Then we had a weekend training camp for the women's team, at the Wingate National Sports Institute. The camp was organised by the association of non-olympic sports ("Ayelet"), for teams from a number of sports, and included lectures, sport-specific training, and common sessions for all the participants: we did Kick-boxing, Pilates, and Rugby!! It was great fun, but very tiring.

Our team trying some Pilates, with the Karate team in the background

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