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Below is my route from yesterday's local event at Ein Dor. It was my first competitive run for almost 4 months, coming after an enforced break from training (moving house), so I was moving very slowly uphill (note – 90% of the climb was in the first 2 km!) and trying to run steadily for the rest of the course. My time was 48:42 for 5.16km, but results haven't been published yet, so I don't know how good it is – I think that some of our top elites ran in the low 40's.

I hope to get back to training and orienteering now. Tomorrow is the Day of Atonement, so I'm fasting for 25 hours, but after that I'll be training properly and getting to more races. Next week I have an enforced vacation from work (Sukkot), so I'll be out mapping and marking controls for a couple of upcoming events. The season is starting…

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  1. Welcome back to orienteering :)I ran the the medium course which had the same route choiceleg 7->8. I thought a lot about this route choice (during therace and after it) and would be happy to hear you analysis.are you happy with your route choice? why did you choose it?I went straight to 8, but spent a lot of time on the climbafter passing the road. But I'm also slow in general, so whoknows :)thank you,dany

  2. I'm happy with my route choice, but I didn't intend to climb up to the path after crossing the road – I went too high by mistake.It's hard to be objective here, because they've had this route choice at every event on this map, and I'm fed up with running around on the paths, so I would have gone through the terrain in any case. In this case, notice that from the point where I hit the valley, to control 8, there's no climb at all, and of course it's shorter than using the paths. The forest is very runnable, so I think this is the best choice anyway.Dan

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