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Yesterday we had a local event at Zecharia, which is steep, green, and (at this time of year) hot. I finished the 5.9km course in 68:26, which is quite good in my opinion, taking into account my physical condition. The second (and interesting) part of the course is below:

I didn't make any significant mistakes, probably because I'm still running slower than usual, but the terrain is so detailed and bushy that there was no way to avoid small hesitations and misses. It was good physical training, especially at keeping running in tough terrain, and I still have a way to go before I'm in what I call "competitive shape".
I didn't like the way that the course crossed the finish twice (19-20, 22-23) before actually finishing. I actually used 23 as my attack point for 20, and then found it again using the finish streamers. I also saw some people approaching the finish from the north, meaning that they punched 23 out of order (we used manual punching).

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