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Today's event was held in a typical autumn heatwave, on a nice new map called Givat Kipod ("Hedgehog Hill" – I don't know why, but the internet says that the hill is volcanic in origin). On the way home the car recorded 38°C, but I think we had only about 34°C in the forest…

I didn't feel the heat too much while running, because it was very dry, but I felt that the first water control (6) was too late – after more than half of the 6.2km course. My running ability is improving, though I still walk too much on the steep hills, and I had a few minor hesitations and misses, but nothing significant, and mostly in places where I also felt that the map was slightly inaccurate.
I think that I've managed to get back into a good training rythmn, and from next week I'll add an anaerobic session each week. That means that my typical weekly schedule should look like this:

  • Sunday – rest
  • Monday – anaerobic (hills, intervals or fartlek)
  • Tuesday – light run (7-11km)
  • Wednesday – rest
  • Thursday – light run
  • Friday – mapping or orienteering
  • Saturday – orienteering or light run

Sunday and Wednesday are the days I'm in charge of Ayala (my daughter). Every two weeks I'll try to get in a longer run on Thursday – more than 12km.

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