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Today I went to mark controls for an event we're planning at Har Shaul in December, with 120 controls. I got the idea from the various 100+ control events held around the world a few years ago (I think the record is 205 ??), and I prepared the first 100-control event in Israel 3 years ago, in Lavi forest, together with Oded Verbin (map sample below). This season we decided to do it together again, with a 20% increase.

The course back then was 10.4 km, with 390m climb, and there was also a shorter course with 50 controls. This time we're aiming for under 13 km, but the climb will probably be much more, because the terrain is steeper. My part (the first 60 controls) is 5.9 km. There will also be a 60-control course (for the majority of the participants), and maybe a regular short course.
The punching will be manual, of course, but we'll use the same system as last time – each competitor got a regular card with 30 squares, but had to mark only those controls which had a yellow sticker on the punch. It worked very well, but we heard that some orienteers saw that the one in front of them wasn't punching, and "cut the corner" without going to the control. So this time there may be stickers in several colours, and each orienteer will have to punch according to a specific colour. And, of course, there will be the usual nutcases who prepare a set of 4 cards in advance, in order to punch everything!

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