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On Saturday we officially opened our season with a national event at Akbara. I planned the courses, so I wasn't participating, and one of my GPS units was on Daniel Griff, who's route is below.

Daniel used to be our best orienteer by far, and almost qualified for the WOC middle finals in 2003 and 2004, but a few years ago he left for the USA to try and make a living from his other passion, which is flying, and now he's back (mostly because of the recession, I think). He's not fully fit yet, but still orienteering as well as ever (except for missing the last control), and it's great to see him back in action. For lack of another job, he's also doing a lot of mapping, and knowing his attention to detail and accuracy I look forward to orienteering on some great new and updated maps this season.

I'm writing this from the USA, where I'm on a business trip again. This time I'm just north of New York, and I'll be able to go for training at Harriman State Park (famous for WOC 1993) and to a local event held by HVO on Saturday. Meanwhile I'm enjoying running in the mornings (I get back from work in the dark) on the North County Trailway, which is simply beautiful. It's nice and cold in the early morning, so I feel as if I can run fast forever…

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