A Business Trip with a Bonus   1 comment

A week of work in the USA finished on Friday, and I had time for orienteering on Saturday before catching my 16:00 flight back home. Therefore, I set out in the dark in order to be ready for training at Surebridge Mountain with first light.
This area was used for WOC 1993, and is as good as I had expected – certainly one of the best that I've ever seen. Add to all that a steady drizzle, some mist, the autumn leaves (which meant that all the small paths were invisible), countless deer, and the most dangerous thing in the forest: falling acorns (big ones). I ran a 5 km course that I planned for myself in about 55 minutes, losing some time on validating controls (there were no markings, of course) but managing not to make any serious mistakes:

A note on the acorns: the oak trees there are really tall, so they fall from a great height. When the first one hit my car I thought I'd been shot at.
After the training I ran back to the car, dressed quickly, and drove to a local event held by HVO at Tourne County Park. I liked the informality of the event – get your map at registration and start whenever you want, with cookies waiting at the end.
I was really tired by the middle of the course (Red – 6.26 km, 60:22), so the slow progress (in red) is mostly due to fatigue. The terrain was nice (deer, leaves, and acorn bombs, but no rain), and my only mistake was a parallel error from 10 to 11, running to the right of the wrong marsh:

On the plane, I fell asleep before we even took off. And thanks to Daniel Schaublin for the Surebridge map, and HVO club for the event.

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