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Today's race at Nachal Alexander, on a great re-map of the old Park HaSharon map (4th time?) by Daniel Griff, was a perfect run. Almost. I lost time on only three controls:
10-11 – veered to the right to say hello to a little girl who was doing the family course with her grandfather. Very unprofessional, but I was enjoying myself and she's my daughter. 20 seconds gone.
14 – the control description was "Knoll, west side". I passed the knoll, glanced at it, saw no control, and went looking. Then I came back and saw the control way below that same knoll, under the form line which can't be seen on the map because it's under my track. The control was definitely placed incorrectly according to the description, though very close. 50 seconds.
15 – I hit the clearing well, saw no control (vague description – "Thicket, bend"), and searched to the right (south-west). It was 20m to the east, and I'm almost sure it was in the wrong place. The clearing was much narrower there and there was no bend in the thicket line.

The blue arrow is where the control should have been, and the red one where I think it was (the GPS track is deviating about 10m to the east). Unluckily, I was alone and chose the wrong direction. 70 seconds.

So basically I had a perfect run, hit all the control locations spot on, enjoyed myself, and lost to Omer (as usual) anyway. I would have lost even without these three time losses, but by less than a minute. He's running faster than me at the moment, but I'm not at full strength yet and I'm working on it. Apart from that, the perfect run probably means I was running too slowly.

My full course is below – 6.3 km, 53:49:

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