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There's a discussion going on in Attackpoint about ankle supports – pros, cons and types. I've been using them for a very long time – I started turning my ankles early in my orienteering career, so I ran for years with elastic socks on both ankles. Then I sprained my right ankle in 1999 (and quit only 3 km later, like any typical orienteer…), and since then I've been using heavier supports on that side. My current set was bought in the USA (McDavid), but there are various similar brands around:

I use the supports only in terrain, and only when running (not mapping or hiking) – they're very comfortable, but I need a wider style of orienteering shoes (VJ Falcon). I've never managed to turn my right ankle while wearing the heavier support, and though I've turned my left ankle a few times with the elastic sock, there have never been any serious effects or swelling. I'm sure my right ankle is weaker than it should be, and I have no intention of taking any chances with it in the future.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this, not just this post, the rest as well. Used to do a bit of orienteering, many many years ago, so this brought back a few nice (or maybe not so nice) memories. It's a tough sport.I've stayed reading this a little longer than I should have, so I've bookmarked it and I'll read more of it another time.Interesting stuff, and very well written.Cheers.

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