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A few days ago I came upon another post in Attackpoint from a couple of months ago, with an interesting tool by Jarkko Ryyppo (the creator of RouteGadget) for analysis of time within the control circle. It displays a GPS track as a series of coloured dots (by speed), but more importantly gives the time, in seconds, within a 20m and 75m radius of the control, on the way in and out.
I used the tool on my GPS track from last week's race, and got the following results (for the 20m radius):

All my times are in the 9-15 second range, which is good if you take into account the fact that 9.6 seconds equates to 8 min/km (my average orienteering speed) for 20 meters. The exceptions are controls 16 (a steep slope just before the control) and 18 (just behind a tree, so I lost a few seconds looking around).
It will be nice using this for analysis of other orienteers, in training and competition – you can easily see how much time they stop at the control, and use the tool to set targets for improvement.

Thanks, Jarkko!

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