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I won today's national event at Beit Jamal (H40, 6.3 km, 51:34), because I changed tactics in my orienteering. I knew that I needed to orienteer faster, so I raised the level of effort I was putting into my running, and basically ran as fast as possible (not in the "zone", but at a level where it hurts) throughout the course. Obviously this was risky from the orienteering point of view, but it paid off and I beat my friend and rival Omer, though only by half a minute.
This was made possible by my training. After a summer of low intensity running, I started doing more interval sessions last month, so my body was ready for faster running and more time over the anaerobic threshold – which wasn't true yet at the last race, 3 weeks ago. The next national event is the Winter Championship (2 days) in another 3 weeks time, and I hope to be even better prepared by then.
The race today was on a new (and very good) map by Daniel Griff and Ziv Noiman, and the course (set by Ronen Shurer) was good and technical, though I would have liked more route choice legs. My worst mistake was at 14, where I missed the control and lost a minute or more. My route is below:

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