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I don't know who is more insane – the two organisers of this event (Oded Verbin and myself), or the 27 nutcases who actually finished a 14.2 km course with 750m climb and 120 controls (including one woman – my courageous but slightly crazy girlfriend, who isn't even training properly). The winner's time was just over 2 hours, on steep, stony and slippery terrain, and I think all of them enjoyed the experience.
I think we may have got the most control visits ever in an Israeli orienteering event: 27 x 120, of course, plus over 60 people who did the 60-control version and 100 on the 30-control "short" course – that makes nearly 10,000 "punches". Even the weather was fantastic, despite a rather grim forecast.
Click here to see the full course.
I'm not doing this again for a few years, and I hope that next time someone else will pick up the gauntlet and organise such a course (150?), so that Oded and I can participate at last. Meanwhile, we'll think up some sort of new crazy event, which involves less physical effort.

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