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Today's local event was on the Carmel map, which I made back in 2006:

I've raced on my maps quite often, because all of them are relatively near home, and we don't have very many maps anyway. Obviously I should be able to get better results than usual, but it rarely happens – mostly a psychological issue, of course. There are several factors at play:

  • I tend to be too sure of myself, charging at controls instead of orienteering accurately (see control 4 above)
  • I know the runnability (or not) of the various shades of green (leading to the decision to run through the path from 7 to 8, or through the green from 4 to 5)
  • I know the "lay of the land", making route choices, especially those based on topography, much easier – but this leads to less thorough map reading, and therefore some mistakes
  • I know immediately if I am at the correct feature or not (valuable when a control is placed incorrectly)

However, there is an advantage, especially on a new map, and I don't think mappers should be allowed to run competitively in the first official event on one of their maps. There is no problem with local events or later ones, when most of the other orienteers have already been there. With my maps it doesn't matter, because I always organise the first national event on each of them – not a big deal, as I usually make only one map a year. For some of our other mappers, who can make several maps a year, I think there should be a rule about this.

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