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This weekend is the Winter Championship, on new terrain in Park Eshkol, which is at the northern edge of the Negev desert. Even though we're having a very wet winter, and a rainy spell at the moment, the chances of rain there are very slim.
The terrain includes some parkland, and mostly a spur and gully system created by flooding of the Bsor stream, with typical desert vegetation (meaning mostly open land). Runnability will be high, with little climb, so fast running will be possible – but the orienteering will be very technical. Just what I like.
The second day's planner is Pavel Levitsky – one of the best course planners we have here. Pavel and myself go way back – we participated together in WOC 1995, coached the national team together for a few years, and our eldest children were born a couple of days apart (he's had more since then, I got divorced). He's a very good orienteer, but doesn't put as much effort as myself into running, and his courses are always a challenge. I'm looking forward to this…

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