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Yesterday was my best race ever, and I needed it.
I messed up the first day of the Winter Championship: I ran a very good and fast race, but lost 4 minutes at one of the controls, partly because of an inaccuracy in the map, but mostly because of myself (the others had the same map). So on the second day, lying in 3rd place and 1:46 off the lead, I had to deliver the goods.
The terrain was as good as promised, the map was even better, and the course was outstanding. My legs felt strong, my concentration held on throughout the course, and I had as near a perfect run as possible. As I came in to control 20 I was thinking to myself: "…there's a tree on the map…here it is…up to the ridge above it…that's the control (peeking out of the gully)…end of race" – there was no more orienteering left, just a long sprint over two easy controls to the finish, with Roni urging me on and shouting at me to drop the map (never done that). Then, a long wait till Omer came in 4 minutes behind me, and even if he had won I was satisfied, because I knew I couldn't have done any better.
I have a habit of messing up the first day of a championship and making amends on the second day, but it's not on purpose. It happened now, it happened in the Winter Championship last year, and at the Israeli Championships in 2007 and 2008. I know I perform at my best under pressure, so the second day results are understandable, but my aim for the Israeli Championships this year (in two months) is to do as well on the first day as on the second day. And to win.
Thanks to Pavel for the course, and for the picture below which gives a good impression of the terrain.

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