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The Elite categories at the Winter Championships were won by Eran Segal (17 years old) and Neta Dafni (19). They are the next generation of Israeli elite orienteering, and a sign of things to come.
Eran is potentially the best orienteer ever born here, following in the footsteps of Daniel Griff (31), now his coach on the national team (and runner-up in this race). I wrote about him more than a year ago, but last season he was sidelined with an injury, and now he's back and seemingly fully fit, with the results showing what he can do. Daniel and I will be doing our best to nurture his talent, because he has the potential for really great stuff.

Neta is a product of a lot of hard work. She started orienteering in school 5 or 6 years ago, and always had very good technical ability, but had a tough time physically and used to suffer from a lack of concentration. She peaked in 2007, then slipped for a couple of seasons despite my best efforts. Now she's grown up a lot, and at the beginning of this season decided to take herself seriously and work hard in order to become the best possible orienteer. I've been planning and following her training since then, and her physical shape has improved dramatically over less than four months. She's still a slow runner by any standards, but made up for it this weekend with sheer determination and concentration, and won the event in her first ever race in D21A. I expect her to continue improving, and to set an example in dedication for the other women on the team, and for the younger girls in the youth team. And as her coach, I'm really proud of her!

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