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This weekend we had a training camp for the national teams up here in the north. Luckily it was close to home, because I had a dental operation on Thursday and after working hard with the team on Friday I was a total wreck on Saturday, and Roni had to place the controls for the training in my place.
The men's team and the juniors were training as well, so there were about 40 orienteers running around all the time, which created a good atmosphere. In addition, 4 young Swedish ladies were training in Israel this week (some background in Swedish here), and they were with us as well. We have a lot to learn from them, and they worked mostly with the men, who are much closer to their level (a few are faster, most are not) than our women.

Our training started with a classic style course in Ein Zeitim North (the first day of last year's Israeli Championship), and after that the women ran 3 short and fast loops in the highly technical terrain of Ein Zeitim (South) just across the road. On Saturday we started early, with a sprint course in Park Hagalil in Carmiel (map below), and then went on to a local event at Lavi and another short training course with dummy controls.

For the women's team it was a good opportunity to restart training after a break, and get in some hard work. I also managed to follow most of them in the terrain, and I would have managed more if I hadn't keeled over on Saturday. As head coach I also have an interest in the other teams, but I didn't have much opportunity to see their work and I'll have to plan differently in order to get involved more seriously in the future.
Most important lesson: no more training camps immediately after dental work!

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