How many maps are there in Israel?   2 comments

Roni's father asked for a set of all the orienteering maps in Israel for his 60th birthday, so we did our best. We collected about 60 maps from all our spares, asked the ISOA office for all the rest (thanks, Ziv!), and after filtering out a few that are totally worthless we had a set of 113 maps. We then laid them out on the floor from north to south (see below), and organised them in a binder.

Obviously we missed a few, and had to decide which park/sprint maps to include (only the major ones), but it's safe to say that there are around 120 significant maps in the country. I counted, and there have been national events on about 80 of them. Their general location can be seen below (excuse me for using the geographical boundaries and not the political ones):

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2 responses to “How many maps are there in Israel?

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  1. What about Beit Zera? Surely not "Totally worthless"…Also, either Sde Boker or Golda Park are missing.

  2. Golda Park is missing – didn't get it from Ziv.We used the official list (, so we missed Beit Zera because it isn't there.

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