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Next weekend (February 19-20) is the Israeli Championship. For me, this is the main event of the season – the rankings are less important, and the Winter Cup (our only other two-day event) is just nice to win. My history in the championships looks like this:
1993 – 4th place, missed out on a medal by 17 seconds
1994 – 1st
1995 – favourite (ranked 1st), but organised
1996 – favourite again, finished 3rd and deserved it
1997 – 2nd (stupid mistake at next to last control on the second day)
1998 – nowhere
1999 – 3rd
2000 – organised
2001-3 – nowhere

2004 – organised
2005 – 1st
2006 – 1st
2007 – 1st
2008 – 2nd

2009 – organised

Lately, all my results in two day events have included a second day comeback – I mess up on the first day, and then get in a great run on the second day and win. Examples:
2007 Israeli Championship (H35) – 4th on day 1, on day 2 both the leaders DNF (because they got lost) and I sneak past 3rd to win.
2008 Israeli Championship (H35) – 4th on day 1, finish 2nd.
2008 Winter Cup (H40) – 2nd on day 1, great race on day 2 to win.
2009 Winter Cup (H40) – 3rd on day 1, best ever race on day 2 to win.
OK, it shows that I perform well under pressure, but I'd like to do well on both days.

There are three things that can prevent me from winning this year:
1. Omer Noiman, my great rival in H40. Omer – do your best, otherwise it won't be worth it!
2. My schedule: last week I was on army duty, so I didn't run at all. This week I'm in Toronto on business (currently about -6°C and snowing), and the fitness room at the hotel is already feeling the heat, but it's not the way I would like to prepare. But you can't put excuses in your trophy cabinet…
3. Myself. The comeback routine won't work forever, so I need to perform well on both days.

Good luck to everyone!

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