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My race today, the first day of the Israeli Championships, was a catastrophe. As usual. The question is – will the comeback trick work again tomorrow? I'm currently 6th, but first place (Ofer Granet – who really deserves to win a championship) is 9 minutes ahead, which is a bit too much. 2nd is less than two minutes ahead of me, and of course I'll be doing my best to get on the podium.
I didn't like today's map (made by Cesare Tarabocchia of Italy), but the others had the same map so it's not an excuse. In my opinion the non-standard symbols used for drawing the small cliffs were too small (thinner than the contour lines) and almost unreadable, and too many cliffs were not marked at all. I also didn't like some of the vegetation classification.
My orienteering wasn't much better than the map. Physically, I found out that there's no real substitute for running in terrain, and I haven't been in the forest for 4 weeks. I'm not as fit as I was 2 months ago at the Winter Championships, but I can't complain: I did my best under the constraints of travelling, army and weather. My orienteering should have been better – right to the end I was trying to use the features on the map more than my compass, even though I already knew I wasn't coping with them. I counted at least 8 minutes of definite mistakes, and the result of 63:24 for 5.7 km is nothing to be proud of.
Tomorrow's a new day, on different terrain, and with a different mapper (Uzi Schweizer). I'll do my best to win on the day, and hope it's enough.

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