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I won today's race (at least among the Israelis), but the comeback wasn't good enough and I finished 4th overall (23 seconds from a medal) in the Israeli Championship.
The renewed map and course at Beit Keshet, where we've been orienteering since 1997, were very good – technical, physical and demanding. I made a few small mistakes, especially a parallel error at control 4 which cost me nearly 2 minutes, but I had a good run and was satisfied with my performance at the end. I lost overall to Ofer Granet, who hung on to his lead from day 1, a Bulgarian orienteer, and my main rival Omer Noiman, who beat me by 24 seconds yesterday and lost to me by only one second today.
The main thriller was in H21E, where Alexey Marchenko beat Pavel Gvozdev and Eran Segal by a small margin to take the championship.

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  1. Hey,I participated in the competition too and failed to attack the 3rd control on your map. I would be happy for some tips – how did you attack the control? which features did you use? or was it by azimuth? It was a very hard control for me…Thank you in advance!

  2. Coming up from the path I made sure that I saw the small cliff on my left, and from there I took a rough compass bearing for the ruin and tree. Once I saw them, finding the control was easy.Dan

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