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Yesterday night was the Israeli Championships Banquet. Well, not really – it was Oded and Asia's wedding, and there were at least 50 orienteers there, representing all categories from H/D13 to H/D75. Pavel Gvozdev said that it was better than any WOC banquet, and he's been to a few.
Oded is the national junior team coach, and he met Asia (pronounced "Asya") while orienteering. As far as we know, this is the third orienteering wedding in Israel. The first was Noam and Naomi Ravid in 2001 – Naomi used to be my girlfriend, and the two witnesses on their Ketubah were myself and Omer Noiman, my deadly rival in H40. The second was Elisheva and Gur last year. The fourth will be myself and Roni (Oded was her boyfriend for a while, a long time ago) – we're getting married in Cyprus on March 11th, and the party will be a bit later.
That means three national team coaches are getting married within two months (Daniel Griff, senior team coach, did it in January). We're trying to hook up Shai Ram, the under-16 coach, in order to make it a clean sweep, so if there are any single ladies out there…

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