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On Friday we had a short mappers meeting, during which we also met with Petr Matula from the Czech republic, who is in Israel making another map (after The Cannon Ridge, Park Eshkol, and Nativ HaLamed-Heh).
The meeting was enlightening, and we should have more of them. We discussed mapping and especially drawing techniques, and tried to agree on a set of standard rules for the symbols in Ocad – regarding the use of special symbols, reducing their size when necessary, and the like. Then we talked to Petr about the techniques that he uses, and followed him around in a rather dense part of the forest for an hour.
All of the mappers here in Israel are basically amateurs – we get paid for the mapping, but we do it in our spare time. I manage to put in at most one day of mapping per month (for the past 19 years…), and I'm regarded as an experienced mapper. We have a lot to learn from professionals like Petr, who make maps for a living, and should use every opportunity to join them in the forest.

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