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I haven't orienteered for a while. I haven't done much running, either. First we got married (that was a couple of weeks ago), then I was on a business trip to the USA, got sick, returned very sick, and now I'm just about back to full health with zero fitness. And our annual Rogaine is in two days time!
There's almost nothing that can make me skip a rogaine, so here we go. Last year was a bit extreme, but this time it's only 8 hours, on the area of the first rogaine (2005, Alonim forests), so we can take it less seriously. I haven't been training properly for a couple of months, and Roni hasn't since the start of the season, so we'll be taking it very slowly and trying to enjoy ourselves as well as be competitive.
The area being used is large (75 km2), so with only 8 hours there's little chance of even the best teams getting all the controls. Therefore, careful planning will be needed. In past 7- and 8-hour rogaines we planned using an estimated speed of 5 km/hour in a straight line, but this time our base will be 4 km/hour to take our reduced fitness into account, and anything more will be a bonus. We'll be very lucky to get onto the podium in any of our categories (Mixed or Family).
Other factors – it's going to rain tomorrow, and probably during the morning of the rogaine (the start is at 07:00) as well. And maybe this time I'll take a camera – I'm not worried about the weight, more about the time I'll spend retrieving it every time I want a picture.

After recovering from this, I'll start working on recovering my physical fitness. This season is a lost cause anyway – I'll finish second in the rankings again, barring a miracle.

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