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Saturday's rogaine went exactly according to plan. We (Roni and I) planned our course conservatively, managed about 10% more than we had expected, kept a steady pace throughout, and finished 41.4 km in 7:52 hours – much slower than in previous rogaines, but quite good after a period of illness and no training. Our full route is here.
Of course we were blamed for getting married in order to nick a prize in the Family category, but in the end we were 4th in both Family and Mixed (9th overall), and got a 3rd place prize in Mixed because Sergey and Inessa (who, as expected, beat us again) are also in both categories and could receive a prize only in one. The winners in this were Alexey and Neta, who were carrying one of my GPS units as well, so I can analyse their route: they covered 48.8 km, and ran about 43% of the time compared to our 27%. A comparison of our route choice and theirs is below – the first digit of the control number is its points value, and their route is the dashed line:

I'd really like to perform another rogaine to my full potential – the only one in which we really succeeded was our first (2006), in which we covered 43.5 km in 6:49 hours (it was a 7-hour event). I was really fit then, and Roni was at her peak, before she stopped training. I can probably do it again if I manage to prepare properly, but then Roni won't be able to keep up the pace (though she has more stamina than me), so I'll have to make some tough choices. Still, there's a year or so to go…

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