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This week I finished drawing the map of Achihud South, just in time for the first event there, planned for next Saturday.
This was never intended to be a major project, but a small map of mediocre quality terrain for local events and training. It's very close to home (15 minutes drive), so I worked on it mostly on Friday mornings, putting in a total of 37.5 hours in 1.6 km2 of terrain.
I knew the area was a nice mix of wooded patches, semi-open (mostly newly planted saplings), and olive groves – but I was pleasantly surprised by a wealth of depressions and pits, which make the fine orienteering much more interesting. Most of these have been created by illegal digging, but are quite old and have blended nicely into the ground.
Here are some map samples – and there are a few pictures on the ISOA website.

Now I'll have time to continue with my other, more important mapping project – Odem Forest. I'll have more spare time through the summer, and the first event there will probably be in November.

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