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Saturday's national event at Har Devora was, surprisingly, a personal success. Despite my pitiful state of training, I got a good result, because results are measured in comparison with other orienteers: I ran slowly but steadily, made no significant mistakes, and almost got maximum points.
The national ranking points are calculated as the ratio between the best time on the course and your time, multiplied by 100. I ran the 5,870m course in 56:59, but the best result, in H21B, was 55:42, so I get 98 points. Unbelievably, this should put me on top of the H40 rankings. by a whisker, with two events to go – my rival Omer Noiman was sick on Saturday and had a bad race. Game on, as the saying goes.
The problem is, that I'm going to miss the last event of the two, which is the day after my wedding party, and I won't get much fitter by the next event in 12 days time. So I'll have to do my best, and hope the H17's and H21B's on our course have good races (unlike this one) and keep Omer's points down. Oh, and I'll make sure he dances a lot at the wedding!
My course is below. I think that if I'd been fully fit I could have run it in 53-54 minutes, but we'll never know.

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