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Yesterday we found some time for orienteering, and participated in the annual event in memory of Ohad Zach, held on an updated map of Alonim Forest. This is currently the largest O event held in Israel – mostly groups and families, but well over a thousand people overall. It's always very well organised by the regional council, with the assistance of Technion-Carmel and Izrael orienteering clubs.
This time the map was at the same standard as the organisation, and the course was fun. I'm nowhere near as fit as I should be, so I just tried to keep to a steady pace and enjoy the race. I was surprised to find myself 3rd overall on the long course, finishing 5.9 km in just over 40 minutes.
I lost no time at all looking for controls, so that probably explains the good result. I managed to find my "flow" both physically and technically, which helped a lot. Some of the controls were quite tricky, and though I used the contours and my compass much more than usual, there was some intuition (otherwise called "experience") and luck (looking in the right direction at the right moment) involved as well. Thanks to Matan Naftaly for planning the course.

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