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I was reminded (just in time) by a post on our forum, where Noam Ravid calculated that he has spent half his life as an orienteer, that I had intended to mark 20 years of orienteering.
I first encountered orienteering during my army duty, but the first event in which I participated independently was in Birya forest, in May 1990. I don't remember the exact date, but I think it was either the 5th or 12th, so the 20-year mark is this week. I could have commemorated it at this weekend's national event, which is on a new map in the same forest, but I won't be there due to my wedding.
I didn't even know at that time that there was a national orienteering association. I just saw an advertisement for the event in the newspaper a couple of months before, and because I knew about orienteering from the army, and it was quite near home, I decided to mark the date and try it out. I showed up, ran the medium course (there were long, short and medium then), finished third, and went home. But my girlfriend picked up an empty registration form, I sent it in, and I was hooked. The rest, as the saying goes, is history, with a few landmarks:
1991 – made my first map
1992 – got onto the national team, finished instructors course, founded Galilee O-Club, organised my first Israeli championship
1993 – first orienteering event abroad, joined ISOA council
1994 – won Israeli championship, ran in WUOC
1995 – national under-16 team coach, first WOC
1997 – national team coach, coached first WOC
1998 – taught first instructors course
2001 – ISOA chairman
2003 – became old (35)
2005 – first WMOC, finished coaches course, organised first rogaine
2010 – married an orienteer
There's lots of other stuff, of course, but it would fill a book. I haven't written a book yet, though I've done a couple of coaching manuals, but I'm thinking about it.

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