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Saturday is the last national event of our season, and the day on which the final placing in the rankings will be decided.
Our ranking system is based upon 12 national events. In each one you are awarded points out of 100 according to a simple calculation: the best time on the course, divided by your result (and multiplied by 100, of course). Note that the best on the course, not the category, counts. At the end of the season, your best 7 results are added up (and rounded to the nearest whole number, I think).
Our category (H40) is on the Medium+ course, together with H17, H21B, and D21A. Currently I am in the lead with 670 points, 2 points in front of my rival (and friend) Omer Noiman. I won't be at Saturday's race due to a simple matter with a wedding, so Omer depends only on himself – his 7th best result is 90 points, and he needs 93 points in order to overtake me.
Over the past 11 races, 4 have been won by H40 (Omer and myself), 4 by H17, and 3 by H21B. I'm counting on the other categories to help me out a bit, and obviously I want to finish first, but the truth is that Omer deserves first prize more than I do. If he gets 92 points it would be best – we both win.
The ranking list (in Hebrew) is here.

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