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Last week I was in Munich on business, and the aerial photo in my previous post is of Nymphenburg Park. Like on every trip, I looked around on Google Maps for somewhere to run near my hotel, and this looked best. I researched a bit, found that the park is open to the public, and printed a screenshot from Google with the path system in advance, so I could see where to run.
When I got there I was surprised to find half of Munich running around just like me – at least 80% of the people in the park were joggers. I don't think there is an orienteering map of the park, as there are lots of "keep off the grass" signs, but following my small sketch map was also fun, and beats running in the streets at home. So does the weather, at least during the summer.
Meanwhile, the season here has ended. My last competitive run was 3 weeks ago, and there is nothing left. It was the season in which I orienteered the least since the early nineties, I think: I ran in only 20 events, compared to an average of about 40 over the previous 7 years (which are recorded on my computer). Add a few sessions at JWOC next month, and it'll still be much less.
Surprisingly, I still finished ranked first in H40 – probably a result of being consistent when I did compete, even though I missed 4 national events out of 12.
Now I'm busy with the national teams, preparing for JWOC, club paperwork, and mapping. I'll probably do more orienteering next season (no moving house, wedding, etc.), but I'm thinking of trying something new. No, not outside orienteering, but inside it, and not on a bike (Roni does that). We'll see.

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