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This weekend we held a short training camp as preparation for JWOC. The weather was really hot, so training was limited to a short session on Friday evening, and then on Saturday we travelled to the unfinished map of Odem Forest for a model race.
I wanted to use this map, even though it isn't finished yet, and hasn't been used for competition, because it was (in my opinion) the only way to get close to simulating JWOC conditions: totally unknown terrain which is fast but technically difficult, under race conditions. The athletes were briefed specially beforehand, including a special "bulletin", and had no knowledge of the map or terrain before the start.
Because of the fact that we usually embargo any new maps before the first national event, only the three JWOC participants were invited, though I have already heard some complaints about that. They enjoyed it very much – terrain, course and weather (at 1000m height, cooler than the rest of the country), and I hope that they benefited from the training.
In 10 days we take off for Denmark, and the team is as ready as can be:

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