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Guy Sabo, 19, is our third participant in JWOC. Like the others, this is his first JWOC, but he has been to EYOC twice and has a great deal of experience. Guy has had his ups and downs over the past few years, orienteering inconsistently though he was always physically strong and fast, but this year he has improved dramatically during the season and certainly earned his place on the team.

I have never coached Guy and Eran personally, but I have enjoyed my interaction with them during the preparations for JWOC and I am sure the trip will be a pleasure. Much of the credit is due to the other team coaches who worked with these two young men over the past few years – Oded Verbin, who was the junior team coach throughout the period, and Daniel Griff who has coached them on the senior team this season.

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  1. גל זיו writes:אחי הצעיר!!!בהצלחה באליפות תיתן גאווה לחדר!!!הבאת לי אתרים מסובכים באנגלית, אני מנסה להבין מה הולך שם.אם תוכל לעדכן אותי בפייסבוק אני אשמח!אבל אני ימשיך להסתכל גם באתרים האלו…בקיצור אחי בהצלחה אוהב אותך!

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