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What results do we expect in JWOC? It's difficult to say. I think we have one of the strongest teams we have ever sent, but as none of them have been to JWOC before we can't aim for an improvement. What we can do is compare any results to the past:

Long distance – the men's course usually has about 150 participants, and Alexey Marchenko's 46th place in 2005 was off the scale for us. Getting into the top half of the results for Guy or Neta (Eran isn't running) will be fantastic.
Middle distance – the statistics are mostly for heats of 50+ runners, with the top 20 in the A final. It is obvious from the chart that no Israeli has ever made the A final, and getting there this time would be nice, but any top 30 result will make me happy.
In any case, as the coach I'll be focusing on the performance, and not the position. Our problem over the years is that usually our orienteers mess up in the important races, and don't perform at the best of their ability. My main goal is for the team to run good races in at least 50% of their starts, and then the results will come.

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  1. Val writes:Good luck to your Team. I believe that last year they got on well with the South African Team

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